M.W. Gordon, Author of the Macduff Brooks Fly Fishing Mystery Novels

Fishing Parkland Shorelines’, by Calvin Daniels, Yorkton This Week, Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada, January 30, 2013.
The books [Deadly Drifts and Crosses to Bear] are among those of the mystery sub-genre of 'fly-fishing mysteries', and so far the series is very good. [Gordon is] a writer to hold your interest. . . Much of the admiration for the story comes from Gordon's fine descriptive style. He captures people well. . . . He is even better detailing the natural splendour of the river and countryside when Brooks is actually guiding, and not dodging bullets. . . . Of course as a fisherman I love the connection to a fly rod and moving water in the books. 

Gordon picks up momentum with his second book [Crosses to Bear], hitting the ground running with a mystery, and weaving a few threads which keep you guessing. . . . the ultimate villain isn't easily identified by the reader . . . so that is a huge bonus. Like any 'fishing mystery' it should appeal to fishermen and those who just like a good mystery,

The good news is another novel starring Macduff Brooks is on the way. Certainly the first two Macduff Brooks books are worthy fishing mystery reads, so check them out.

Kirkus Review of Crosses to Bear, November 2, 2013

While evading his own dangerous enemies, intrepid fisherman-cum-detective Macduff Brooks must figure out who's killing young women in Montana.

This mystery-thriller--the second in Gordon's (Deadly Drifts, 2012, etc.) Macduff Brooks series, though reading the first isn't a prerequisite for enjoying the second--again follows Mcduff, who's straight out of noir fiction. A taciturn fly fisherman with a mysterious past, he has an ambivalent relationship with local law enforcement, many women surround him, though his heart truly belongs to his dead wife. In his small Wyoming town, he also seems to attract trouble, as one by one, the women who work for a boat shuttling service are brutally murdered. Macduff intends to catch the killer and stop further crimes. The author certainly knows the ins and outs of fly fishing and, in addition to bringing the small town to life, Gordon vividly renders the details of Macduff's profession. The story packs in the thrills. . . In a plotline separate from the main murder mystery, Gordon incorporates villains from the first novel, which establishes a sense of continuity and, in effect, leaves open a door for further books in the series. Macduff is an endearing . . . narrator who manages to carry readers through the outlandish plot twists.

A fast-paced, enjoyable . . . thriller that works largely due to its hero's charms.

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